Almost online incidents reported to
CyberSecurity Malaysia annually
That's 27 cyber crimes a day! 10,000 Source: Symantec
33rd Malaysia ranked in the region and social media scams 6th in the world for incidences of Source: Symantec 12th Malaysia ranked globally and ransomware attacks 47th regionally in terms of Source: Symantec The services industry is
the most vulnerable with
phishing attacks 72.4% experiencing cases of Source: Symantec

Due to the growing threat of cyber attacks, CxOs are more concerned with how to protect their data, as organisations grapple with new privacy and compliance requirements.

Since our founding we have guided countless global clients in achieving their unique cyber security goals. Using highly sophisticated and proven bespoke perimeter services, we at Novem continue to solve countless data security, cyber crimes and cyber terrorism threats for our clients from around the world.

We are NOVEM, and we provide bespoke cyber security services and solutions.

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